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How it Works

The relationship between you and us is essential to our service. Once registered, you become an ambassador of Capital Casting and we work non-stop to find you paid opportunities.

Unlike other agencies you can register with Capital Casting at any time throughout the year, which means that you can join our agency when you have the best availability to work.

We do not charge any registration or contact Fee. 

We, at Capital Casting, act as an agent for all the Artists registered with us and therefore charge a minimum of 20% commission (which may vary as and when we decide to do so) from all our Artists for any / and all jobs and monies they receive through us.

To register with Capital Casting, simply call us, text us or email us with your name, date of birth and your mobile number. You will then be asked to arrange and attend a brief interview with us. During this simple process you must supply us with accurate information and suitable photos, or a professionally done portfolio, to have any chance of being accepted and subsequently represented by us.


Like any other profession, joining an agency has its requirements, thus applicants must follow all required procedures and provide us with all that is needed which enables us to promote, secure auditions and complete paid jobs.

Capital Casting can never guarantee a casting. Some applicants may attend their first audition and get that job, while others may attend several castings before they get their first job. So please be patient and don't think of giving up as your next Audition might be a success.


If your application is approved, you will be registered and we will call to offer you any opportunities that you may be suitable for. In addition, you will also be able to view and apply for jobs online.



What We Expect

Capital casting has a reputation for supplying quality, reliable and professional Artists. This reputation relies on you and in turn allows us to offer you more exciting opportunities.

Always Remember The Three P's: we expect you to be punctual, professional and polite at all times.

As a Capital Casting Artist, it is essential that we have your photos, measurements and skills up-to-date on our system. When browsing jobs online, you should always read the full description and only apply if you match everything asked in that casting and that you are available on Audition and Shoot/filming dates.



What You Can Expect

As you can see from most of our productions, Capital Casting is a fast growing Agency and we are actively looking for more people like yourselves to join us. Seeking work as an Extra is dependent on ‘look’ and ‘skills’ so whilst we are unable to make guarantees, we can assure you that we will work continuously to find you as many opportunities as possible.

Working as an Extra can involve very early starts and long days/nights of 8-10 hours or more. We will always make you aware of the job details given to us before you can accept any role that we offer to you.

Please note that we, at Capital Casting, do not / cannot Guarantee work, due to the nature of the auditioning process but, will do our utmost to find and arrange auditions and castings for all our Artists which could lead to paid jobs.

So if you are looking for a friendly, upfront and helpful Casting Agency, we look forward to working with you.


Capital Casting
Professional Extras Agency

To register, please call, text or email us to book an appointment for an interview.

Tel        : 020 7281 7766

Mobile : 07484919297

Email    :



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